OptiCity Advantages

Why OptiCity is the solution?

Today, the solutions for companies when it comes to transport and travel management are incomplete, require a long process of implementation, human and financial resources allocation, staff training and more. With the OptiCity system, the integration process is for the first time smooth, fast, efficient and includes a thorough interface to the various enterprise systems in a way that enables continuous work, without interruptions and without incident.

Optimization (Goal Compliance)

With OptiCity, optimal planning becomes feasible, with the control system providing online tracking on the field and enabling real-time troubleshooting and repair for future trips


The use of OptiCity professionalizes the travel department And along with other valuable resources, it can be harnessed for non-travel-related operations, thus strengthening various departments within the organization where productivity can be increased


OptiCity's solution offers a significant reduction in travel expenses from day one, by streamlining work processes, maximizing passenger vehicle travel, reducing travel times and futile travel


Activating the organization's travel system is made simple and easy through the use of OptiCity, it connects employees and service recipients to the car services provider more efficiently


Using OptiCity brings with it the many years of knowledge and understanding of the professionals who live and breathe the travel industry in Israel, and which have led to a breakthrough in the field


OptiCity's fast integration into the organization's system is done without interruption to the workflow, without the need for a change in work procedures, and with instruction that enables easy operation


OptiCity performs daily routing updates (pick-up points, travel distance, travel times) and future travel planning, as required and by using organization data (number of employees, number of trips)

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