The recruiting issues begins with employee experience and ends with company transportation

The 2021 recruiting challenge has affected most industries. According to as many as 74% of Israelis plan to quit and change jobs.

Identifying The Source Of The Recruiting Issue

The current manpower crisis is presenting itself to companies across a variety of industries including high-tech, factories, cleaning, and hotels. My daily meetings with other companies often include the subject of employee satisfaction. When the recruiting issue was first brought to my attention, I noticed the immediate response was the ‘pay more than the competitor’ tactic. This strategy turned out to be significantly ineffective. How could it be that the positions’ responsibilities were reduced, its salary was increased, yet the job position stays vacant? I began to investigate the causes. Once I discovered why it was happening, I could uncover the solution.

It Takes More Than A Salary To Satisfy Employees

These days employees are looking for more than just a salary. The Covid-19 resulted in many layoffs. People began searching for work in any field they could. Delivery services were particularly enticing due to their offer of financial security, schedule flexibility and vehicle options. As companies recover from the pandemic and shift to the recruiting stages again, they are required to offer more than just financial security. A job is a big portion of a person’s day and overall life. This puts minimum stress as a must for most employees. Leaving them to search for a company that offers them a stress-free day. Bringing us to one of the prime factors in employee dissatisfaction, commuting. After a long day of work, no one wants to drive themselves through traffic, or worse navigate public transportation. Ensuring job satisfaction needs to go as far as solving their before and after-work problems.

OptiCity Simplifies Offering Transport To Employees

“The time-consuming struggle, faced with offering employees commuting options, is a huge discouragement. This is what motivated me in the first place to get involved and help. #OptiCity simplifies the commuting process, we live and breathe transportation. The premium package includes a full-service strategy, which means from start to finish, offering shuttles, requires minimum responsibility from the company. OptiCity’s experienced team does the entire initial setup; locating the ideal shuttles provider, calculating the best pickup/drop-off times, and incorporating the shuttles to match the employees’ shifts. Utilizing our sophisticated AI platform, we monitor and optimize performance. That means with minimal effort from the business, employee satisfaction goes up and transport expenses go down. To this date, companies using OptiCity to offer shuttle benefits have brought up employee satisfaction while reducing travel expenses by 20%-30%.”  Avi Gabay, Founder & CEO of Opticity.

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niv baibich

CEO & Co-Founder 

Yair pery


סא”ל במיל’, בעל ניסיון רב בתחום ניהול פרויקטים וטכנולוגיה

בעל תואר Bsc MBA


Chief Sales Officer (CSO) & Chief Business Development

Shmulik Tura

Chief Operating Officer

Shmulik is a prominent figure in the Israeli transportation industry. He has established essential relationships and information, for more than 25 years. Shmulik is fueled by an understanding of the powerful potential OptiCity’s solution provides. He is utilizing the wealth of resources available to him, to assure OptiCity functions with superior performance.

Eli Camon

Non-Executive Director

CFO of Microsoft Israel R&D and Microsoft Africa R&D’s centers. A sterling reputation in the finance sector. I utilize my intrinsic understanding of OptiCity, providing invaluable feedback, to escalate OptiCity’s profitability.

Zvika Zivlin

Outside Director

Founding partner for Tulip. Residing non-executive director for both, Alcon and 888 Holdings. As a veteran NED, I am equipped with a unique analytical perspective of company structures. I provide valuable and unbiased insights into OptiCity‘s successful advancement.

Ronit Koren

Non-Executive Director

Managing partner at ROK, Aspire Ventures and Sifood Food Ventures. Director for BLender, Maccabi and Aylaon. Taking advantage of the substantial knowledge, I have accumulated from past ventures, I supply Opticity with unique and necessary considerations.

Oded Maimon

AI & ML Advisor

Distinguished professor at Tel Aviv University. Studiously pursing data mining and big data analytics. More than 10 books published. I bring extensive knowledge to OptiCity to refine their powerful ML and AI technology and assure they remain the leader in the industry.

Illit Geller

Product Advisory

Serial entrepreneur. 25 years of senior executive experience in the global FinTech market. Extensive experience combined with a passion in SAAS technologies. I ensure OpticCity continues to deliver the highest-class product.

Gal Amir


Owner of G.A. Financial Services. Devoted decades to enhancing high scale mid-market companies. Enabling the systematic advantage, produced by a history of optimizing companies. I ensure OptiCity surpasses its goals, and calibrate the company for success

Amit Maizer

Technology Advisor

Cyber and IT consultant who works in the private and public sectors.