כנס תחבורה חכמה – בואו ניפגש בכנס Smart Mobility Summit 2021

אופטיסיטי שמחה לקחת חלק בכנס תחבורה חכמה הבינלאומי Smart Mobility Summit השנה, שתתקים בין התאריכים ה8-10 בחודש נובמבר 2021.

הכנס לתחבורה חכמה מתקיים מדי שנה ומהווה פלטפורמה למספר רב של דוברים/ות מובילים.ות מרחבי העולם.

מעל -5,000 משתתפות ומשתתפים מ -40 מדינות שונות, כולל קובעי/ות מדיניות, בכירים ובכירות מהתעשייה והאקדמיה בתחום יקחו חלק וגם צוות אופטיסיטי.


הפתרונות של OptiCity ימגיעים ממערכת הוליסטית שמאפשרת שליטה וייעול הסעים לכל חברה או מפעל על ידי לוח בקרה המציג נתוני אמת בכל עת!

קיבוץ נסיעות – בין ערים קרובות ולוח זמנים מעודכן המייעל את כמות רכבי ההיסעים.

מערכת טכנולוגית מתקדמת – הכולל שירות תפעולי אנושי, שיודע לבצע בקרה בזמן אמת ומסביב לשעון, לנהגי ההסעות, לנוסעים ולמלון גם יחד.

אופטימיזציה – המערכת של OptiCity מבצעת טיוב של הנסיעות ואירגון הסעות משותפות לנוסעים באופן יעיל וחכם באופן מקסימלי של עלויות הנסיעה.


לפרטים נוספים אודות הכנס ולהרשמה הקליקו כאן

לקביעת פגישה בביתן החברה עם אחד מנציגינו, ופרטים אודות מגוון הפתרונות פורצי הדרך שלנו בתחום מערך ההיסעים הקליקו כאן


צור קשר

לקבלת מידע נוסף על השירותים שלנו

03-6722-030  .  office@opticity.co.il  .  אימבר 23 פתח תקווה

Amit Maizer

Technology Advisor

Cyber and IT consultant who works in the private and public sectors.

Gal Amir


Owner of G.A. Financial Services. Devoted decades to enhancing high scale mid-market companies. Enabling the systematic advantage, produced by a history of optimizing companies. I ensure OptiCity surpasses its goals, and calibrate the company for success

Illit Geller

Product Advisory

Serial entrepreneur. 25 years of senior executive experience in the global FinTech market. Extensive experience combined with a passion in SAAS technologies. I ensure OpticCity continues to deliver the highest-class product.

Oded Maimon

AI & ML Advisor

Distinguished professor at Tel Aviv University. Studiously pursing data mining and big data analytics. More than 10 books published. I bring extensive knowledge to OptiCity to refine their powerful ML and AI technology and assure they remain the leader in the industry.

Ronit Koren

Non-Executive Director

Managing partner at ROK, Aspire Ventures and Sifood Food Ventures. Director for BLender, Maccabi and Aylaon. Taking advantage of the substantial knowledge, I have accumulated from past ventures, I supply Opticity with unique and necessary considerations.

Zvika Zivlin

Outside Director

Founding partner for Tulip. Residing non-executive director for both, Alcon and 888 Holdings. As a veteran NED, I am equipped with a unique analytical perspective of company structures. I provide valuable and unbiased insights into OptiCity‘s successful advancement.

Eli Camon

Non-Executive Director

CFO of Microsoft Israel R&D and Microsoft Africa R&D’s centers. A sterling reputation in the finance sector. I utilize my intrinsic understanding of OptiCity, providing invaluable feedback, to escalate OptiCity’s profitability.

Shmulik Tura

Chief Operating Officer

Shmulik is a prominent figure in the Israeli transportation industry. He has established essential relationships and information, for more than 25 years. Shmulik is fueled by an understanding of the powerful potential OptiCity’s solution provides. He is utilizing the wealth of resources available to him, to assure OptiCity functions with superior performance.

Uriel Shimony

Chief Technology Office

Uriel is a full Stack developer. He has extensive experience in LS Technologies. He is confident that OptiCity’s technology is the prime solution to the challenge companies face with transportation logistics. Recognizing the underemphasized true value of OptiCity, he is fully devoted to assuring OptiCity remains the leading high-tech transportation company with an unmatched technological edge.

Amit Bohensky


Veteran business executive and angel investor. A commendable history with startups including, Unicoders and Focal-info. Vice president of open-source web intelligence at Vernit. Partaking as a board member/investor for Clinch and Zoomd. I implement my personal experiences, valued connections and unparallel devotion launching Opticity to the forefront of the industry.

אבי גבאי

מנכ"ל ומייסד

LS is a systems development company, It employs more than 30 experienced development professionals who, together with the management team, promote all of the company’s customers, while at the same time imparting extensive knowledge and capabilities to the subsidiary OPTICITY, where Avi serves as CEO and leads her with the team for an advanced and green transport future in Israel.
Within two years, Avi led the company to organic growth, without external investment, while managing customer portfolios and expanding operations with each customer.
Avi is responsible for consulting and directing all projects in the company (over 50 projects in various scopes), and accompanying them with the functional and technical characterization phase, and responsible for defining methodologies for the development managers and team leaders. Prior to founding the company, he served for 4 years in Unit 108 of the Air Force, where he served as a Quality Control Engineer and Chief Mechanical Engineer in a particularly complex air communications project and considered by many to be a leading authority in the field.